A case study: AirBox.com – Success starts with precision targeting.

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By the numbers:Overall visits to AirBox.com websites and micro-sites (up 95%)Social channels contribute over 12% of web traffic (up 86% )Over 150,000+ interactions monthly – web visits, page views, click-throughs, calls, requests for information (up 60%)Digital assets include – industrial B2B website, micro-sites and social networking channelsThe goalThe primary goal was to maximize website traffic and conversions and consolidate e-commerce … Read More

Ponce Bank re-brands and increases awareness, loyalty and adds new customers.

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Ponce Bank: The Ponce Bank in NYC has a stellar reputation for serving the needs of the Hispanic community. Our client has always emphasized the importance of brand, customer loyalty and a commitment to personalized “one to one” banking. DMG 360 was selected by Ponce Bank to revitalize its brand, update its image, target a culturally diverse, tech-savvy clientele with … Read More

How RUN-DLJ Telecom increased leads and conversions by 60%!

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RUN-DLJ Telecom: Creating an online presence for a business to business telecom company might be a challenge for anyone else. For us, it was the perfect opportunity to push RUN-DLJ to the front of the pack. As an industry-leading B2B telecom distributor, RUN-DLJ has been providing new and refurbished telecom equipment and services to end-users, interconnects and industry professionals since 1975. … Read More

How Canderel Group increased website traffic by 95%!

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Canderel Group: When Canderel , one of Canada’s leading commercial real estate developers asked us to improve their corporate website and consolidate their content management efforts, we knew we could deliver. We integrated online marketing, leasing and asset management technologies. Implemented real-time sharing of property information for leasing managers, brokers and tenants. Ensured that all digital marketing assets and channels integrated … Read More